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 As globalization and automation push profit margins down, it’s becoming  increasingly important to maximize bill payment efficiency and minimize  overpayment errors. However, accounts payable workers are often too busy just  ensuring that basic keying, match-up and filing errors are not made. Operations  are not scalable and during peak loads, they find themselves relying on ‘the  system’ and vendor statements to catch errors.

 PDA Services’ Direct suite of software and web-based services maximizes the efficiency of the payment approval process and automates rote work and as a result, transforms accounts payable workers from bill payers to bill payment coordinators. Your payment coordinators will have the tools and the time to identify and correct overpayment errors that the system can’t catch. In addition, your recovery auditor can be given instant access to all data necessary to find additional savings faster and more effectively.


  • Eliminates Staffing Problems
  • Reduce/Eliminate Clerical Work
  • Eliminate Couriers
  • Eliminates Filing Costs & Lost Files
  • Eliminate Vendor Calls
  • Cuts Turn-Around Time
  • Guarantees Vendor Discounts
  • Revolutionizes Workflow

  &  Benefits

  • Converts Paper Invoices to Electronic
  • Simplifies Vendor Relations
  • Reduces Costs
  • Global 24/7 Access
  • Automates Data Input
  • Indexes A/P Documents
  • Eliminates Undetected Errors
  • Improves Existing Productivity
  • Promotes Conversion to EBPP
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