Direct eInvoice

Direct eInvoice is the latest addition to the Direct AP suite of accounts payable automation products. Direct eInvoice electronically extracts invoices right out of your vendors’ accounting systems, encrypts and transfers them, then inserts them into your Direct AP workflow system for processing without any paper, envelopes, stamps, scanning or content capture.

Direct eInvoice is so much easier for vendors to use than Web invoicing, which requires vendors to key their invoices into the Web after having already keyed them into their own systems.

How It works

  1. Your vendors will receive emails with instructions on how to log into Direct AP and an initial randomly generated password.
  2. Upon logging in, they will be able to view payment status of their invoices, view and send dispute resolution correspondence, key and send Web Invoices and setup to send eInvoices.
  3. The vendor clicks on [Setup Direct eInvoice], downloads the Direct eInvoice agent, which identifies their accounting system, requests login privileges and connects to their accounting system.
  4. Each time the vendor is ready to send invoices to your company, the vendor runs the Direct eInvoice agent, which reports any invoices for Direct AP customers that are ready to be printed. The vendor clicks [Send eInvoices] and the invoices are encrypted and transferred to each of their customer’s Direct AP system.
  5. At this point, the vendor is finished. However, you can require certain vendors to log into Direct AP and review potential duplicates that are presented by the Direct AP system. If there is a duplicate, the vendor will cancel the invoice and correct the problem without bothering your staff. If the invoice is OK, the vendor can indicate that they have verified that the invoice is correct.

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