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AP Automation Overview
   Small Vendor EDI
   Web Invoicing
   Electronic Invoice Delivery
   Invoice Scanning
   Scanning on the Back-End
   Scanning on the Front-End
   Content Capture
   Auto Match
   Image Management Systems
   Document Workflow Systems
   AP Workflow Systems
   Overpayment Avoidance
   Overpayment Recovery
   Web-based Vendor Relations
   Vendor Self Serve
   Sarbanes-Oxley Logging
   Six Sigma Reporting
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AP Automation Overview

A broad array of automation technologies for improving accounts payable operations is available today. The list below ‘AP Automation Overview’ on the left is fairly complete. Follow the diagram below as you move from one technology to the next and you’ll see graphically the parts of Direct AP that represent that particular technology. Also, modules in the Direct AP suite are listed with any that are necessary for the selected automation technology highlighted.

Direct AP modules

Direct eInvoice
Direct Web Invoicing
Direct Payables Workflow
Direct Overpayment Avoidance
Direct Vendors Relations
Direct Scanning
Direct Capture
Direct Access
Direct Technical Services
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